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​FULMiRA Japan CEO 三宅悠生

















 ・NFT/Metaverseプロジェクトチーム『Borcety :フォルセティ』を創設(専用HPを公開予定)






 2009 Graduated from Multi-Agent Laboratory, Department of Informatics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Kinki University            

 Majoring in programming languages and AI.

 ∙ Engaged in programming production for learning curriculum for students.


2009 Graduated from Kinki University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Information Science and Technology, with a focus on programming languages and AI.


 2011 Completed Master's program at Osaka City University Graduate School

 Published research on logic for AI to identify people with the same name and surname

 Worked in the IT department of a major listed company from 2011 to 2020.

 Sales management system and BPO management

 In charge of information security management for 22 groups in Japan and overseas.

 Received the Outstanding Employee Award for his contribution to IT cost reduction within the company group.

 In 2020, he established his own company and became the president and head of HS Building Management.

 Promoted the use of SNS and online to attract customers to tenant buildings.

 ・ Realized completely online school management for HS Building Music School

 ・Realization of online reservation system for parking lot management and rental space

 ・Increased business performance by changing business direction (improved vacancy rate, 120% of sales YoY)

 ・Raised 200 million yen in funding by reviewing real estate management.


Initiatives for FY2021

・Participation in the LehmanSat project for space development business

・Collaboration with DAIDOH LIMCO: Introduction of vending machines contributing to children's cafeterias

・Establishment of NFT/Metaverse project team "Borcety: Forsety" (dedicated website to be released)

Initiatives from FY2022

・Sustainable Public Blockchain: Participation as ALGORAND GOVONAR

・Exhibit NFT project at Blockchain EXPO and ALGORAND Japan Accelerator Program

・Project for real estate x blockchain: Digital Planet in planning and development

VR Goggles













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